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Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward

Pay it forward

Here at Feral Therapy we believe everyone should have access to nature, nutritious food, and wellness no matter what their situation or background.

We’re a business, and as such need to make money to pay bills, insurance, ongoing training, equipment, taxes, and ourself! But, we also want to give a little back to our community.

Please, please, please do not be embarassed to contact us if you need a little support. Send ‘I need a gift’ to us and we will be happy to respond confidentially and empathetically.

What we offer:

We offer one free place per session at our classes held in The Madeley Centre. This is on a first come first served basis. Please contact us before the session.

A ‘pay it forward’ scheme where people can round up their fee for classes and events or pay for someone else to attend. This money will be put aside to subsidise or fund a place for someone who needs it.

Sponsorship. If you’d like to sponsor an ongoing place for someone, please let us know.

Gifting. If you know someone who may benefit from our services but who may be embarassed to ask for support, you may like to purchase a gift voucher to give them as a treat. Contact us to purchase.

Reuse and recycle. If you have a spare mat for relaxation classes, please bring them along to our classes for others to benefit from or contact me and I will collect them from you.

We are looking to begin a Feral Foodie Group and local village foraging sessions in the spring or summer. We will be offering free places to those who qualify for Food Bank Support.

All communications will be treated in the strictest of confidence and received with the upmost respect and thanks.

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