Feral Therapy
About Feral Therapy

About Feral Therapy

Here at Feral Therapy we know that nature can bring us untold physical and mental health benefits. That’s why all our approaches are rooted in our passion.

We live in a time where Nature-Deficit Disorder is a thing.

If you’ve never heard of it, you will have certainly heard that spending time in nature is good for both physical and mental health. This is so important to me that I wrote a paper on the importance of access to the countryside for all.

We have become so far removed from nature that we have lost our own intrinsic nature.

Our mental and physical health suffers because of this, stress-related illnesses cost the NHS a fortune, and we are plagued with symptoms that we reach for the medicine cabinet to reduce, or even just mask to get us through the day.

My goal is a simple one: to help bring you back to your nature. And doing this often involves ‘un-learning’ the high-stress lifestyle we now call ‘normal’ more than it involves learning anything new.

This could involve simply taking time-out to just breathe or to be present in the moment. It may mean looking at our diet, re-learning to cook with fresh ingredients, or even re-learning to forage them from the wild.

    Whether you are looking for a private session, group class, or event, I can help bring you back to your nature through a variety of approaches.

    I offer a range of services in one-to-one settings, via phone or video call, in group indoor sessions or in the wild.

    I warmly welcome everyone! Whatever your age, ability, gender, or reason for contacting me, I am committed to helping you to achieve your health or interest goals.

    I am:

    • A full Practitioner Member of the Complementary Medical Association
    • A member of the government’s Disability Confident Scheme
    • A Certified Experienced Yoga Teacher with the Global Online Yoga Association

    My approaches include:

    Nature Therapy – all our private sessions, classes, and events are grounded in nature

    Herbalismprivate sessions and events

    Foot reflexology – private sessions

    Cupping Massage – private sessions

    Reiki healing and attunements – private sessions

    Yoga – GOYA Certified Experienced Teacher, Nidra, Yin, Hatha, and yoga for weight loss group classes

    Foraging and wild foodprivate sessions, events, & our Feral Foodie Group (coming soon!)

    Diet and nutrition advicePrivate sessions & and our Feral Foodie Group (coming soon!)

    Mindfulness and MBSRPrivate sessions & group classes

    Relaxation and breathworkPrivate sessions & group classes

    Bushcraft & campcraftevents

    CoachingPrivate sessions

    Indoors, outdoors, or even over the phone or online!

    We are proud members of the Complementary Medical Association, Global Online Yoga Association, and Disability Confident Scheme, and fully insured by Westminster Insurance (policy number 113688).

    You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram 🙂

    My classes include the following brands:

    • Mindspa: Mindfulness, breathwork & relaxation
    • Asanastart: Yoga fundamentals and mechanics for beginners
    • Slowga: Yin Yoga
    • Myoyin: Yin Yoga with Myofascial Release
    • Tonevana: The next step in yoga progression from beginner towards intermediate
    • Bodhivolve: Experienced beginner to intermediate yoga practitioner working towards advanced
    • Asanasphere: A yoga based fitness class using swiss balls
    • Nidramind: Yoga Nidra (meditative non-movement based yoga focused on awareness)