Feral Therapy


New to yoga but no idea where to start? Or maybe you’ve been practising for years, but want to improve your form, approach, or knowledge.

Why not join us for a class that covers the fundamentals and mechanics of the practice?

The class aims to build knowledge and understanding, as well as flexibility, mobility, and strength that is guaranteed to have you ready to progress to the next level!

If you’re new or returning after a break, the sessions will build from the ground up. For the more experienced, the content will help set you up for more advanced asanas.

Open to absolutely anyone who has an interest in yoga, Asanastart will guide you through your approach to practice. Sessions will teach mobility, stacking, and flexibilty, and train strength in the wrists, hips, back, shoulders, ankles, and other key areas while we build our knowledge of the asanas. The aim is to fill you in with the details most classes miss!

We will also cover breathing techniques, mindfulness, and somatics, explore Yin Yoga to target the deep connective tissues, and, if attendees are interested, Yoga Nidra to cultivate deep rest and recovery.

Once we’ve covered everything (which will take as long as it takes, no rush, no judgement!), we’ll progress to another approach based on the preferences of the class attendees. Everything we do will be based around YOU! Poses and exercises are taught with a least three adjustments (often 5 or 6!) so everyone gets the most out of the session, class content is always planned around the needs of those in the group.

Classes take place at the hall situated to the front of the Methodist Church in Madeley, Poolside, CW3 9DX every Thursday at 7pm.

Don’t worry if you’ve discovered the class after the start date, anyone is welcome to join at any time. We will revisit fundamental information regularly and no one will be left behind.

Suitable for everyone, no matter your ability, age, or mobility. Yoga is for every body and everyone!


Q: Do I need to bring anything with me?

A: A mat and blanket or cushion for comfort is recommended and a bottle of water. Loose, comfortable clothing is also advisable. Footwear is optional and we request no outdoor shoes, please leave them to one side to avoid tripping.

How much are the classes?

£7 per session.

Q: I’m really nervous about attending alone!

A: If you’d like me to meet you at the entrance or would like a chat before the session, let me know. Everyone will be made to feel very welcome, this is a non-judgmental and supportive space, it is your space, and you are very welcome here.

Q: I’ve never done anything like this before, can I still come?

A: Yes! You will be guided all the way through and we will work up from the basics building gradually as we go. All classes will be aimed at the level of attendees.

Q: I don’t have a mat or any props.

A: No worries! I have several mats that I can lend out during sessions and a couple of brand new ones available to buy (first come first served, only two left! £10).

Some blocks and straps will be available to borrow during class, but if you wish to practice at home you may wish to purchase some. I have managed to purchase some at a bulk discount. Yoga blocks can be purchased for £8 for a set of two. Straps can be purchased for £5 each. I also have myofascial release balls to borrow during class or buy for £6 a pair and small inflatable pilates balls to borrow or buy for £5 each.

Q: What if I have questions during the session?

A: We will pause between each approach, please feel free to ask questions at this point. I will also ask how people are feeling or for feedback on what we just did throughout the session. If you need anything at all but if you feel you do not want to interupt, do not worry! Raise your hand and I will come over to you.

If you are particularly interested in revisiting/repeating or learning something specific PLEASE do let me know! I really value feedback and try my best to design classes around the needs of those who attend.

Q: Are there any religious affiliations to yoga?

A: Yoga is secular, there are no religious aspects to the practice.

Yoga originated in India, so there are many Sanskrit or Hindi words used to describe the practice, but they do not have religious connotations. I may use the Hindi variations, dropping the last vowel of a word compared to Skanskrit as this is how I was trained by my gurus (teachers), Asan instead of asana, Yog instead of Yoga, Shavasan instead of Shavasana but they mean the same thing. Namaste (with hands together at the heart) is used to honour other people and means “I bow to you” and is used as a respectful greeting just like we would say “hello!” or “goodbye!”

Yoga means union and the intention is to warmly welcome people to come together without judgement of any aspect of their abilities, beliefs, or lifestyle. The focus of yoga is to improve the self in body, mind, and action in order to improve the world for every living being who shares it.

Q: What qualifications and insurance do you have?

I hold the following qualifications that are relevant to this particular class:

  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (Yoga Alliance Accredited)
  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (Yoga Alliance Accredited)
  • Global Online Yoga Association (GOYA) Experienced Certified Yoga Teacher (GOYA-ECYT200)
  • Mindful Strength (Isometrics) Training Course
  • Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release Certificate (Yoga Alliance Accredited)
  • Chair Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Accredited)
  • Yoga for Everybody Training Certificate
  • Yoga for Weight Loss Training Certificate
  • Meditation Teacher Diploma (distinction)
  • Relaxation Therapy Diploma (distinction)
  • Body Healing Coach Diploma (distinction)
  • Breathwork Diploma (distinction)
  • Mindfulness-Bases Stress Reduction (MBSR) Therapist Diploma (distinction)
  • And have completed over 750 hours of CPD in this field over the last two years as required to gain and retain my professional membership to the CMA & GOYA
  • I am a full practioner member of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA), hold experienced teacher certification with the Global Online Yoga Association (GOYA), and am registered on the Mindfulness Teacher Register
  • My insurance, membership and other information can be found here
  • Feral Therapy is a member of the Government’s Disability Confident Scheme and is committed to providing equal opportunities for all