Feral Therapy



We have been using herbs for health since man walked the earth, but much of this knowledge has been lost over the centuries.

Bringing nature into your life through herbs can have wonderful benefits to your health. We will provide a full consultation and individual herbal action plan.

While many common complaints can benefit from herbal remedies, some existing medical conditions and medications may require us to work with your doctor to ensure that both approaches are complimentary to one another.

Sessions can take place remotely over the phone or video call.

At home appointments – £50. Online – £40. This does not include any presription charges.

Check-up sessions – up to 30 mins – £20 (online/phone only). This does not include any prescription charges.

Significant change reporting sessions and plan update – up to one hour – £45 at home, £35 online.

Repeat prescriptions – price dependent on remedy required.